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Agnostic Sins


In who’s name have we fought and died

For the sake of those gods we cry to

For the payment of lives too young to speak

Too old to fight or too troubled to care beyond thought.

We bury the broken bones left shattered on the wayside

Limbs scattered, guns emptied, bayonets charred

Blood has spilled, tears have muddied the faces.

Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all dead.

With who’s flag do we unfold

Who’s anthem to the final horns we should wail

When the dawn wakens one final day

And finds the living bent on knees

Hands wringing the words from books

That have lost meaning to all silenced

in the name of god, or allah, or mohammed.  

In who’s eyes does this final vestige of humanity fall

In who’s eyes do these words find.







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