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I cry for the black and white of you


I cry for the black and white of you

For the rich and poor, for the haves and have nots

I cry for the ignorant and the apathetic

The Jew and the Christian, the liberal and the saint

I cry for the suppressed and the voices that cries the loudest

I cry for the beast in you, and the mothers and fathers

I cry for the soulless, and the homeless, and the bum on the street

I cry for the intelligent and the evil, and the man on the corner

I cry for the motherless child and the blind deaf and mute

I cry for your desire to be politically correct, for I am not

I cry for lesbian and the gay, and the straight and the fool

I cry for the empathy you lack or the food you give

Or the murderous son of a bitch that kill the children

I cry for the gutless and the gun carrying bible thumper

I cry for the conservative who cries for no one

Or the liberal that cries for all

I cry for the African, the Asian, the European

I cry for the shadows walking the street that steals your purse

I cry for the drunk sloven bastard, the wife beater and the wife

I cry for the happily married, the disgruntled and the cheaters

I cry for the Muslim and the Atheists, and all the god-fearing souls

Who walk this planet beating to the drums of their miss-begotten sins

I cry for the rotting stench you call your life,

I’ll cry when you jump off the bridge and at your empty casket

and poorly attended wake to which I don’t give a fuck, but I’ll cry

I’ll cry since we only have a lifetime to do the things we do

And when we are done I’ll be dead too, so I will cry

Since I only have a lifetime, I will cry for you and for humanity

And then I’ll Thank You very much.



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