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There is the deep sense of becoming interwoven


Like a flannel shirt on a cold morning,


Or the dew sitting upon a blade of grass


Or snow capped mountains, or just a cup of coffee


Always sitting perfectly in your hand


No matter how sleepy you might be,


And your eyes are closed, but everything you wish for


Is right there, within reach, without looking




You might think comforting thoughts, as if


We are worn into each other like an old throw


Across your shoulders and your knees


Crunched up into your chest, arms and


hands wrapped around your legs and you gently rock


you know that motion of rocking, like a child


a self-comforting feeling just wishing


or maybe even not wishing, but thinking without thought


and there I am before you, so familiar you could trace every part


of my being and not miss a beat…but there is more, oh so much more


desire drives to want more, to be more, to seek and feel more


and that's the thing, you are always there, and right here.







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