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In Deep


Part one…wanting


I feel you deep, wanting more than I can say

Going beyond the words, I want to be you,

Breathe you, drink you, satiate myself of you

scream to the stars above and the deep sea below

no longer is it enough to hold you, to touch you

no longer is time befriending of me, there is no time

existence is the untamed craving, that cuts my seams

and rips a hole in the fabric of this universe, this you and me

one touch will surely send me roaring, devouring, wanting.




Part two…needing


If my words are my heart, than this song is your voice

And my wisdom, is nothing short of ignorance

So far from the knowing of you, love is merciless

And the moon laughs at me on every night alone

Touching your eyes upon some long lost coast

And I drive a frenzied thought and another

Tears are oceans away, and the salt that lingers

Upon my lips are the universal love I desire of you.


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