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In The Sand


In the sand, she leaves footprints

Lightly as she dances across the shoreline

Singing to herself, one might imagine

Calling out to her, but I sit and watch

As this ballet is played out, and contemplate.


There are times like this, and in this perfect silence

Pure beauty touches the soul, senses in tune

The sound, the sight, and as she approaches

The smell of her, deep inside, and the world

In harmony with mine, and this is everything.


So it rains one day, me waiting, soaked

Not knowing anything, except the anticipation

Wondering about this, the air is so still

People milling about, talking to themselves

children in wide-eyed excitement

even in the rain, things are in harmony.

Even under the cover of an awning,

the water seeping into my clothes.


'Let me tell you a story', she says later in the day

I listen to every word, silent to her speaking

Watching her lips move and her eyes dance

There is a rhythm to her tone, her voice

There is a great peace in this, sitting

Being in this moment,

To be able to capture it, open it at another time,

there is tomorrow, and the next day and everyday

My thoughts transcend to another place.

Freedom is what I seek, and don’t we all.


In the sand, softly she dances

Footprints on the shoreline,

I count her movement, her dance across my mind.

And I lay my head down and speak to no-one

And out comes this poem.

Softly she dances, and the shoreline, and I.



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