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it is the beauty of these days

the softness of clouds, lazy, sun-kissed

drifting towards another dawn

stretching out over the expanse of the world.


they call it ‘big sky’ in Montana

an almost endless sea turned upside-down

dancing with the heavens in a passionate embrace

one can only feel the greatness of it all.


I ask you about prayer and such thoughts

do you meditate, you ask me, no I don’t

I am just being, interactive with the world

the universe calls, and answers fly with questions.


one is for you I imagine, one answer

from one prayer, from years of seeking

and you may call this a miracle

and how is it different from fate I ask.


well, we can give names to such things

awareness has no name, only knowledge

and now I have this experience

which finds me wrapped in your love.


we are on this journey, two souls

seeking a common threat, a consciousness

we are answers to each others prayers

and I finally see your god residing in you.




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