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Frantic Silence


We are a moment’s notice, tugging at ourselves

Becoming the Pavlov dog drooling at the slightest sound

Droning throughout space and time

Yet there is no time any longer, we are stagnant in ourselves

We are instantaneous, flashing images and words

Not thinking for ourselves, not being our true destiny

We are continuous want, there is no giving any more

We cannot wait for a moment of rest and repost

Passion flees from our existence.


I have gone beyond sadness, to watch the world

Become cockholds to the voices of shear madness

Yesterday is long forgotten, no lessons learned there

We are re-made to the media’s shape

No longer is it the message, it is the life breathing

Sucking as all in and spitting nothing out.

Hope and faith are Hashtags and Emojis

And we push the like button, we are lemmings over a cliff.





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