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Naked Transcendent

Somethings never start, they just become

Existence transcends time, and we float on

Maybe an ocean, mighty and everlasting

Or the backyard pool, bounded

But not here, not in this time

As is the ocean, so is the sky

Boundless to thoughts that elevate

I am certainly a madman, naked and free.


Love is..


Ripples of skipping rocks, tides of the seas

Calmingly destructive,  first kiss, a last goodbye

The bittersweet ending of long-agos,

hopes of tomorrows, the rage of all that is between

its now, its never, worn to the bone,

the newness of which is known only once

its water below, air above, wind in your hair, my fingers

dirt under your nails from gardens you grew

fire that stokes the anguish of this beast within

under the moonless night crystalized in darkness

in memories of lingering thoughts,  

lasting like ghosts that haunt wicked desire

temptation’s fury, gone to rest upon your granite marker…

…my grave that I stand before … whisper your name

Buried forever you won’t cry out, you won’t be silent

tormenting the memories, no one notices the emptiness

filling this enduring madness.


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